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McKinley Chocolates are Hand-crafted delicacies using only the finest Belgium. For the most part our chocolates are made from dark curvature, balancing the flavours with delicious fillings. Care is taken whilst tempering the chocolate to ensure we only deliver the best products possible.

Our Shops are in Clarens • Tel: +27 51 933 6486
  • SARCDA AUGUST 2013 Decorex Decorex
  • SARCDA AUGUST 2013 Decorex Decorex
  • SARCDA AUGUST 2013 Decorex Decorex
  • SARCDA AUGUST 2013 Sarcda Sarcda
  • SARCDA AUGUST 2013 Mckinley Stand Mckinley Stand

  • Marula Chocolates  Marula Chocolates Marula Coated Chocolates
  • Chocolate Cherries   Chocolate Cherries
  • GANACHE GANACHE Chocolate mixed with cream and then en-robed in a dark 60% curvature chocolate.
  • TRUFFLES TRUFFLES Truffles are filled with ganache or coconut fillings
  • TURKISH NOUGAT CAKE TURKISH NOUGAT CAKE Turkish styled nougat is made in a cake form and cut into 10 slices.
  • NOUGAT NOUGAT Nougat Squares & Chocolate Coated.
  • CLUSTERS CLUSTERS Clusters are made from unsalted nuts
  • CHOCOLATE BON BONS CHOCOLATE BON BONS Made from 60% dark curvature chocolate
  • CHOCOLATE BARS CHOCOLATE BARS Made from 60% dark curvature chocolate
  • Turkish delight Turkish delight Turkish delight Square Rose and Chocolate coated Turkish delight
  • Hot Choco Sticks Hot Choco Sticks Hot Chocolates Marshmallow Sticks Sold in 12s
  • Pillow Drops Pillow Drops Personalised Pillow Drops. Sold in 48s minimum
  • Marshmallows Marshmallows Chocolate Coated Marshmallows. Sold in 12s
  • Marshmallow Hives Marshmallow Hives



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